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Terracotta Roof Tiles for Coastal Home RoofingJune 4, 2019


If you have a home on the coast, whether it is your permanent address or weekend retreat house, it is important to find the best coastal roofing materials that can withstand salt, sunshine, moisture, and occasional high winds and rain. Strong coastal roofing is important, and one of the popular roofing choices in Australia is metal roofing, such as galvanised steel roofing.

While galvanised steel roofing is better than other roofing materials, it is not recommended for use on coastal homes. The reason why steel roofing is not recommended for coastal homes is because of the salty air. The salinity of coastal air will eventually eat away through steel roofing, once corrosion starts it will result in leaks.

While not as strong as galvanised steel roofing, aluminium roofing will not corrode or rust. Although, aluminium roofing is not the best choice for coastal home roofing.

Terracotta Roof Tiles the Best Type of Roof Material for Coastal Homes

If you have a house near the coast, then you need a roof material that can withstand not only the salinity of the air, but the constant rays of the sun, high winds, heavy rains, and occasional storms. Terracotta roof tiles are the best type of roof material for coastal homes.

At Ajax Gregson Tiles, when discussing the best roof material for coastal homes, we highly recommend terracotta roof tiles to prospective customers. There are many reasons why we highly recommend terracotta roof tiles for coastal homes, mainly because how they react to coastal weather conditions.

What makes terracotta roof tiles the best choice for use on coastal homes is that these are made from clay – baked-earth. Clay roof tiles have been around a long time, and have played a crucial role throughout civilisations around the world, the reason is that of how clay roof tiles handle coastal weather conditions.

Here are a few specific ways terracotta roof tiles can benefit coastal homes from weather conditions on shorelines:

Moisture will not erode or corrode roof tiles – terracotta roof tiles will not corrode or erode from daily exposure to coastal air as other types of roofing material will.

Can withstand heavy winds – terracotta roof tiles are hardy enough to stay in place during heavy winds and storm conditions.

Roof tiles will not fade under constant UV exposure – unlike other roofing materials, terracotta roof tiles will not fade under constant UV exposure, and will last up to 50 years or longer.

Fire resistant roofing material – if you are looking for the best fire protection for your home, terracotta roof tiles are the best because they are naturally fire resistant.

For more information about terracotta roof tiles for coastal homes, please contact us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles today.

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