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Striata Roof Tile Designs from Boral: Perfect for Country-Style HomesJuly 3, 2019


There is something appealing about old-fashioned roofing that is slowly fading into the oblivion of modernity. On rare occasions, you may still find some traditional roofing in historical buildings that have been preserved for posterity, or in some of the more affluent buildings that can afford to invest in high-quality old-fashioned roofing materials.

Traditionally, high-quality roofing materials were made out of thinly cut stones like shale, chert and granite. Materials such as clay and porcelain have likewise been employed to excellent effect. Unfortunately, many of these materials are becoming rare, and thus, costly. Investing in them not only becomes too expensive for the average homeowner, it can border on the almost impossible for in middle-income earners.

Thankfully, there are many composite materials and alternatives that have been made in recent years that effectively replace, if not even outright rival traditional roofing materials. If you are interested in investing in classy, low-maintenance roofing, but don't have the means to afford the traditional variants, consider Striata roof tiles.

What are Striata Roof Tiles?

Striata roof tiles are a new and preferred alternative to natural materials like shale and granite roofing. Created from solid concrete, they take on the heft, appearance, and functionality of traditional shale or granite roofing. Because it is derived from modern, man-made materials, these are far more affordable than traditional roofing tiles, and are more Eco-friendly to boot.

Here are just some of the many advantages of Striata roof tiles:

Superior durability – unlike shale which can warp and crack with sudden temperature changes, or granite which can fissure, Striata roof tiles are far more adaptable to various environmental stressors. Their superior durability makes them more durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance roof tiles.

Resistant to weathering – Striata roofing tiles are resistant to weathering and can withstand even the most unforgiving occurrences of gale force winds. It is also safe to use in areas that are prone to constant rain.

Equal to traditional roofing material in appearance – Striata roofing tiles are aesthetically equal to traditional roofing tiles. This type of roof tile comes in a matte finish and is distinctive for its straight-cut striations imitative of traditional shale or shingle roofing. It also comes in a wide assortment of colours, ranging from ebony (pitch black) to quartz (ivory-white).

If you are desiring to improve the overall look of your home, or if you want to upgrade your roofing to something that smacks of refinement, then don’t overlook Striata roofing tiles.

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