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Signs of Aging Roof Tiles: Is DIY Fixing Good Enough?October 23, 2018


Roof maintenance is necessary to protect and prolong the life span of any roof, and while there are times and circumstances that home owners can conduct minor repair on their own, DIY fixing is not good enough when it comes to aging roof tiles.

Having a strong and solid roof over your family’s head is important for their protection, as it will help keep your home warm, dry, and cozy. Unfortunately, as the years pass, roof tiles age and will need more maintenance and repairs. While there are DIY roof repairs that can be conducted on roofing that is not very old, when leaks start to appear on an aged roof, DIY roof repairs is just not enough to keep your home protected.

Here are some signs that your aging roof tiles need more than DIY fixing:

Your roof is more than twenty five years old – if you have an asphalt shingle roof, metal roofing sheets, or wood shingles on your home, and your roof is more than twenty five years old, then DIY fixing is really not good enough. That is because the money you invest in temporary repairs can be better spent toward a new roof. Most roofing types can last 30 to 35 years, but it is not uncommon that roofs will not last that long until they will need to be replaced.

Shingles are cracking and curling – as the life span of roofing shingles come to an end, they will begin to show signs of cracking and curling. When this happens, just replacing them, a few at a time, as they begin to leak, isn’t enough to fix the problem, only a new roof can do that. In fact, the money spent replacing individual roof shingles, not including your time spent during DIY fixing, can add up to a considerable amount of money as more and more shingles begin to crack, curl, and leak.

Missing entire shingles – as shingles age, they can become loose and can fall off when strong winds blow, thus exposing the underlayment and roof sheathing, which can allow water to directly enter your home. Even if shingles aren’t missing from your roof, but you can see sunlight from your attic, then you should consider re-roofing your home instead of attempting DIY fixing.

Professional roofing contractor never recommend DIY repairing or replacing sections of an aging roof (20-25 years old). This is because the sections of shingles will not have the same lifespan and integrity as the rest of the roof. Instead, as roofing reaches its maximum age, and repairs are needed more frequently, professional roofing contractors and builders recommend reroofing as the best solution.

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