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Roof Ridges Using Boral Tiles: The Importance of Proper InstallationJune 8, 2018


Choosing the right roofing material is the most important decision you can make for your home, and when compared to all other types of roofing, Boral roof tiles are the best to use. This is especially true when it comes to roof ridges. What is a roof ridge? Simply, it is where opposing roof planes meet at the peak or top of the roof, and that run the length of an area.

While the highest point of a roof is a roof ridge, there are typically other areas of roofs that also have roof ridges.

The Importance of Proper Installation of Tile Ridge Caps

Tile ridge caps are “V” shaped tiles that mount on top of your roof ridges and are considered the most important factor in keeping the elements such as rain out. They should effectively secure tiles where they meet at opposing angles, if properly installed? In fact, improperly installed ridge caps on roof ridges are the main cause of most roofing problems.

Blown off caps caused by wind damage because of poorly or improperly installed ridge cap tiles can expose areas of a roof to the elements such as rain. This can cause extensive damage enough to warrant roof replacement, which is why it is very important to locate experienced roofing professionals when installing a new roof or for a re-roofing project.

Benefits of Using Boral Tile Ridge Caps on Your Roof Ridges

Because ridge caps are so vital in keeping weather out, not only is it so important to have a qualified roofing company install them, but so is choosing the best roofing material to use, such as Boral roofing tiles.

Boral cement and clay roof tiles have many benefits over other roofing types. Not only are they available in many colours, but it is a safe economic choice that will provide the best protection for your home. Here are some other benefits Boral roof tiles offer:

  • Superior thermal performance – if you want to reduce your home’s energy demands, then using either Boral clay or cement roof tiles is suggested, as these have a higher thermal mass than other roofing materials and will help naturally maintain the temperature levels in your home all year.
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting – Boral roofing tiles not only require little maintenance, but will also last as long as your home, even longer.

If you want to make sure that your roof is installed properly, then contact us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles. We can help you choose the best roofing tiles for your home and will guaranteed proper installation.

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