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Roof Restoration without Metal Roofing: Why Should You Switch to Terracotta or Concrete Roof Tiles?May 18, 2017


When roof failure occurs homeowners need to consider whether to repair sections of their roof, or to make roof restoration or reroofing plans. For metal roofing, roof restoration may only include sections of the roof where leaks and damage was discovered, usually the rest of the roof is left, as is. For metal roofs, the need to make roof restoration and repairs may come every few years, as sections of metal roofing are removed as they deteriorate.

As the years pass, and metal sheeting is replaced in various areas of the roof, the original roofing sheets remain, until these too corrode, leak, and then need to be replaced. It is highly recommended to have roof restoration without metal roofing, using terracotta or concrete roof tiles instead because it will save property owners money, by not needing to regularly repair or resurfacing aging metal roofing.

Why Switch to Terracotta or Concrete Roof Tiles Instead of Metal Roofing

The best reason to switch to terracotta or concrete roof tiles is to avoid many of the common metal roofing problems home owners face. Basically, metal roofing does not last as long as concrete and terracotta tiles, so there is fewer repairs and maintenance needed over the years. That being said, when it comes time to repair, resurface, or reroof an old metal roof, the extra cost of concrete and terracotta roof tiles should be seriously considered, as these can not only last longer, but can better protect a home.

There are a few major advantages that concrete terracotta roof tiles have over metal roofing that should compel any property owner to consider making the switch, here are a few of them below:

Durability and corrosion free – without a doubt, terracotta and concrete tiles are hardier than metal roofing sheets, and these can better withstand harsh weather and will not corrode or rust, which means they last much longer than metal roofing.

Aesthetic appeal – unlike metal roofing sheets, concrete and terracotta tiles are versatile when it comes to aesthetic appeal, without jeopardising structural integrity. These can be glazed with an assortment of colours, or left unglazed to give a more natural look.

Reduces noise – in harsh weather, wind and rain can make much noise on metal roofs, enough to keep people awake at night, but with terracotta and concrete tiles, hardly a noise is heard.

If you are considering roof restoration, and you have a metal roof, then you will discover many more benefits that re-roofing with terracotta and concrete roof tiles will bring. You can get information about pricing and discover the further benefits of concrete terracotta tiles, by scheduling a free no-obligation consultation with the roofing experts at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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