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Roof Restoration for Stained and Discoloured Concrete Roof TilesNovember 1, 2017


Have you ever seen a discoloured concrete roof? Noticeable splotches or unsightly stains are not an appealing sight to see on a once pristine unsealed concrete roof. Unsealed concrete roofing tiles have a tendency to discolour thanks to its porous nature. Much like unglazed terra-cotta roofing tiles, unsealed concrete roof tiles will accumulate mould and mildew naturally, often causing unsightly discolouration that can be quite difficult to remove.

If you’re looking to refurbish your concrete roof so that it will look brand new again, consider restoration as soon as you see the first signs of discolouration, stains, or growth of mildew. Roof restoration for stained and discoloured concrete roof tiles will do wonders for your roof, and will help you to save money by avoiding the need for expensive roof repairs or re-roofing.

Here are some of the advantages of roof restoration for stained and discoloured concrete roof tiles:

  • Pleasant External Appeal – a properly restored and sealed concrete roof will look leagues better than one that shows signs of wear. This in turn increases the overall appeal of your property, and if you ever have plans to resell your property in the future, a well restored roof will make sure it sells fast, at a good price.
  • Extended lifespan of roofing – a mouldy, discoloured or stained concrete roof isn’t one that is likely to last as long as expected. Roofing is constantly exposed to the ravages of different destructible elements, and if not properly maintained these things can shorten roofing lifespan. If you want to save money and cut down on maintenance and repair costs, then restoring a discoloured concrete roof early on, and choosing to have it sealed, is the best option.
  • Better overall protection against the elements – there is a reason why porosity is undesirable in the roofing world. Not only does it allow moisture to damage your roofing material, but moisture can eventually seep into your rafters and the very framework of your roof, creating an ideal environment for moulds and mildew. If you want to avoid this problem, then roof restoration for stained and discoloured concrete roof tiles is the answer.

Don’t run the risk of wasting your money on unnecessary repairs and exorbitant maintenance costs for unsealed concrete roofing tiles. Without concrete roof restoration and sealing, noticeable mould, discolouration and stains will surely return.

Ajax Gregson Tiles specialises in concrete roof restoration, roof repairs, new roofs, and re-roofing, we are also suppliers of Boral roofing tiles and roofing paint to residential and commercial projects.

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