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Roof Repair: Roof Pointing and Roof Rebedding ExplainedMarch 5, 2019


While concrete and clay roof tiles are durable and long-lasting, eventually the time will come when roof repair and maintenance is needed for roof pointing and roof rebedding. What is roof pointing and roof rebedding? Roof pointing and roof bedding are vital parts of a roof’s structure. Regular maintenance of these areas is important to ensure that the roof a house stays in good condition.

The roof bedding is a bed of cement mortar that holds concrete and clay roof tiles in place. As the years pass, roof bedding is naturally subjected to wearing, an indication of this is when roof tiles become loose. When roof tiles become loose, most likely the roof needs to be rebedded.

It is important to maintain roof bedding, as it can crack and fall away, which can result in roof tiles being left unsecured. Unsecured roof tiles can fall or slide off the roof, which can not only leave a house unprotected from the weather, but is also creates a hazard as concrete or clay roof tiles could potentially fall and hurt someone. Rebedding a roof consists of applying fresh cement mortar to the roof bedding, and then going over the area with a flexible pointing material.

Roof pointing is an effective second layer that goes over the cement roof bedding, it adds a durable extra layer of protection that increases the life of the mortar bedding. Before flexible roof pointing products, cement mortar was used as roof pointing, but as cement would naturally expand and contract during weather and temperature changes throughout the year, it would crack and deteriorate. This often resulted in higher cases of water leaks in older roofs.

Fortunately, flexible roof pointing is an effective second layer of protection that strengthen roof bedding, which helps concrete and clay roof tiles stay in place more securely. Because it creates a better seal against water, and it is able to expand and contract along with changing weather conditions, flexible roof pointing prevents water leaks from developing and lessens the likelihood of roof tiles becoming loose.

With flexible pointing, property owners can expect less maintenance problems and longer lasting roofing. So, if you have loose roof tiles, or you have older roof pointing and bedding that is cracked and deteriorated, then you need to contact professional roofers before you experience leaks in your roof.

Professionals at Ajax Gregson Tiles can conduct roof repairs that include roof rebedding and flexible roof pointing that will protect your roof from potential water damage caused by leaks.

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