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Choosing roof colours to compliment your home’s surrounding – things to considerOctober 7, 2014


Picking a roof color is not as easy as it sounds. A few things have to be considered when choosing roof colors to compliment your home’s surroundings. From the building’s architectural design all throughout its surroundings, several factors must be taken in so you can properly choose a roof color that will suit your home.

Choosing roof colors to compliment your home’s surroundings– things to consider.

1. Go with your home’s exterior color scheme.

If your house has no particular architectural bend, take some time to observe its color scheme on the outside. You can choose to pick a roof color from the same palette, or go with whichever color that compliments your walls, windows, and doors.

2. Consider the architecture.

So you have a home with a particular architectural style. Is it traditional, modern, or perhaps Mediterranean? No matter the design of your home, you have to consider choosing a roof color that works with it.

For instance, orange tiled roofs are great for homes that are Spanish or Mediterranean in design. Traditional houses, like those with French Country exterior, should have roofs colors that don’t grab much attention. With modern houses however, overtly colored roofs are forgivable, though it’s not always the case. Earth-toned roofs are ideal for stone and brick houses.

3. Compliment the yard.

One way of choosing roof colors to compliment your home’s surrounding would be to base your choice on your yard. More often than not, a home’s yard reflects the overall feel of a home, and you can decide on a roof color based on just that. Take note of the plants and trees growing in the yard and add a pop of color using your roof. Don’t go overboard however! You don’t want your home to become the talk of the town, in a negative way.

4. Compliment your neighbors’ homes.

One way to add more aesthetic value to your home is to not stand out but instead “fit in” within your neighborhood. Look around your neighborhood and see which roof colors are commonly used. You can either choose from these recurring colors, or pick one that is slightly off from them. Although unoriginal, this is a quick way of choosing roof colors to compliment your home’s surrounding. Of course, this will only work if you have a similar-looking home to your neighbors’ houses.

5. Get some inspiration.

Another great way to choose a roof color from your home is to “shop around” and see houses with a similar color scheme or architectural design. Notice the colors of their roofs and be inspired by their choices.

6. Hire Colour Studio services.

Leave it to the experts. Get professional roof color advice from Colour Studio services. Your house will be surveyed, and you will be presented with roof colors that match it. All you have to do is take your pick – everything else will be taken care of. Colour Studio services speed up the process of choosing an appropriate roof color for your home.

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