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Roof Coating for Concrete Tiles: What are the Benefits?July 9, 2018


As more and more property owners are choosing to install concrete tiles on their homes, there is a growing demand for roof coating services. Roof coating for concrete tiles is an ideal way to protect one of your most important investments, your concrete roof tiles. With the many benefits that it offers, it just makes sense why professional roofing companies offer the service.

The Benefits of Roof Coating for Concrete Tiles

What is roof coating for concrete tiles? Basically, roof coating entails waterproofing concrete tiles, to better protect them from moisture, rain, and to help prevent water leakage. Moisture and water that enter homes from either roof leakage or accumulation can be the cause of serious water damage, which is why roof coating is recommended by builders and roofing professionals. Besides adding an extra layer of waterproofing, roof coating for concrete tiles offer these other benefits:

Minimises exposure to ultra violet rays – not only does roof coating waterproof roof tiles, it also protects them from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun. Roofing materials get oxidized over time from being constantly exposed to the sun, which causes a chemical breakdown and will weaken a roof. Professional roof coating helps shield roof tiles from the sun’s rays and prevents oxidation.

Seals hairline cracks – roof coating actually seals any hairline crack in concrete tiles that could allow water to enter, thus preventing cracks that can be caused by water or moisture expanding inside tiles when temperatures rise and falls.

Increases strength and durability of concrete tiles – when professionally applied, quality roof coating adds an extra layer of protection that makes the surface of concrete tiles stronger and more durable.

Adds curb appeal and saves money – roof coating can transform your current concrete tile roof to look like a brand new one. It can also save you money as it is extremely cheaper than having to replace an older roof.

Increases the value of a home – once roof coating is applied by professionals, the value of a home is considerably increased.

Extends the life of roof tiles – roof coating helps to protect concrete tiles against the constant exposure to the elements, which in turn considerably lengthens their lifespan.

If you want to make sure that your concrete roof tiles are protected as much as they can be, then roof coating services by Ajax Gregson Tiles is the solution. For more information about roof coating for concrete tiles, contact us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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