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Reasons Why Newly Installed Roofing Tiles Can Fail PrematurelyJune 12, 2020


Roof tiles are typically made from terracotta, slate, concrete, plastic, and clay. They are hung from the framework of the roof by fixing them with nails in parallel rows. The way these roofing tiles are installed and eventually maintained is essential to keep out rain and other elements from entering a home or any other property

As mentioned above, any installation, replacement, and even maintenance of roofing in any property is certainly a huge investment for any property owners. In an ideal scenario, your roof works should last you for years or even decades. However, any instances of poor installation, missing flashing, and lack of maintenance can cause your roofing tiles to fail prematurely. Some detailed explanations behind the occurrence of these instances are as follows.

Poor Initial Installation

One aspect that causes failure among roofing tiles is their poor installation. Based on some statistics, almost 50% of roofing tiles fail prematurely due to below-average workmanship and installation of the contractors. Most of the time, contractors settle with cheaper and faster roofing installation that they ultimately compromise the quality of their workmanship. They often cram all their key roofing works and processes and ignore key guidelines and local regulations. The application of appropriate and sufficient fasteners, sealants, and flashing is often overlooked by these types of contractors.

Absence of Flashings

Roof flashing is a thin material that is utilised to direct water away from the critical areas of your roof such as the valleys and hips. It also prevents any water infiltration and moisture damage of some of your roof features like vents, chimneys, and skylights. The absence of flashing due to improper installation can cause critical issues to your roofing. Without this part, your roofing tiles will certainly develop leaks whenever it rains, causing extensive water damage to your roofing tiles and roof seams and will eventually result in drastic premature failure.

Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance of any roof parts can significantly prolong your entire roofing. Alternatively, the lack of maintenance contributes to the premature failure of roofing tiles. Most property owners tend to believe that if a roof is not physically damaged, then it does not require any maintenance. This specific belief has costed many properties a lot of money since they do not perform regular maintenance. Without any maintenance, your roofing tiles may have already broken and have allowed water to run on your emergency underlayment. Even your roof sealants may have already been dried out and cracked.

To prevent these instances from happening on your roofing tiles, you must hire a contractor that can not only install and repair your roof appropriately but can also provide high-quality maintenance services at an affordable rate. Fortunately, we at Ajax Gregson Roofing can offer these services for you. We are backed by 15 years of industry experience that makes us a company that you can trust when it comes to all your roofing needs.

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