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Popular FAQs about Residential Tile Roof ReplacementMay 21, 2018


Tile roofing is one of the most common choices among residential property owners today in Australia. So, when it comes to the subject of reroofing, there are a few popular FAQs about residential tiles replacement that home owners often ask.

Below are just a some of the most frequently asked questions about residential tile roof replacement and the answers that you may find helpful, especially if you are considering reroofing your home:

Question: Why is my tile roof leaking, and do I need to replace the whole roof?

Answer: Although clay and concrete tiles are superior roofing materials, tiles can become damaged, such as from storms when tree branches fall on them, or when people traverse on them. A leak in your roof is serious, as rain that penetrates under your roof tiles can cause serious water damage. If you have a leak in your roof, it doesn’t mean that you have to reroof your home, in many cases all that is needed is to replace damaged roof tiles with new ones. Although, depending on the underlining water damage to the ceiling and walls, and the overall condition of the roof, reroofing may be needed.

Question: Can neglected gutters and downspouts cause roof damage?

Answer: It’s true, when gutters and downspouts become clogged from excessive debris, water will pond on the roof. When this happens, water can find its ways under roof tiles if not corrected immediately. This is why periodically having your gutter and downspouts cleaned is so important, as preventive maintenance can protect your tile roof.

Question: How can I know if my tile roof can be repaired, or if it needs to be completely replaced?

Answer: In many situations, roof tiles can simply be replaced as needed when they become damaged. However, the need for residential tile roof replacement is often prescribed if the health of the roof has deteriorated beyond its ability to protect the building, or when damage to the roof is extensive enough to warrant replacing it.

The only way to know for sure if your tile roof needs to be replaced or simply repaired is by having it inspected by a professional roofing company.

If you want to make sure that your roof is in good condition, it is recommended to have it inspected by professionals at Ajax Gregson Tiles. Our professional roofers will inspect your roof to discover if there are any potential dangers you should know about, and can repair or replace roof tiles as needed. A residential roof inspection can also determine the overall health of your roof and will help to determine if tile roof replacement is needed.

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