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New Homes and Unit Developments Can Benefit Using Boral Roofing TilesJuly 25, 2018


As the growth of urban development in Victoria continues, there are many good reasons why builders and contractors are choosing to use Boral tile roofing for new homes and unit developments. Mainly because it is the best roofing material to use for all types of residential buildings, such as homes, duplexes and apartment buildings.

As the most important part of any building, the choice of roofing material should be made so that it will best accommodate the needs of home owners and tenants. And when compared to other types of roofing, it becomes apparent that Boral roofing tiles are the best to use.

Reasons Why Boral Roofing Tiles Benefit New Homes and Unit Developments

The reasons why contractors and builders choose to use Boral roofing tiles over other common roofing options, such as metal roofing, wood shingles and asphalt for new homes and unit developments is because of the benefits listed below:

Fire proof – one of the most important characteristics that make Boral roofing tiles so desirable is that they are fire proof, and, they are effectively able to resist extreme heat up to 1,900 degrees without cracking. Because of this, Boral roofing makes new homes and unit developments safer.

Aesthetically appealing and fade proof – Boral roof tiles are appealing and available in many colours and styles. The attractive, colourful coating also provides long-lasting protection against harsh weather and will not fade like decorative roofing paints, that is because of the colours are added directly into the special mix to make the clay tiles.

Provides superior strength – pound for pound, compared to other roofing materials (including standard concrete roof tiles), Boral roof tiles are stronger.

All natural material – unlike other roofing types, Boral roof tiles are made from 100% natural material – clay.

Energy efficient – Boral ceramic roof tiles also help to reduce energy use, by naturally insulating buildings. This helps keep homes cooler on hot days and warmer on cold nights.

Increases and preserves the value of property – when it comes to determining the value of residential buildings, the type of roof is one of the first things real-estate agents look at. And because Boral roof tiles last as long as a home or multi-unit buildings, installing these ensures the stability of the value of a property throughout the years.

Fire proof, many aesthetically appealing colours to choose from that will not fade, superior strength, energy efficient, and made from all natural materials, with the benefit of preserving and increasing property value, it is no wonder why builders and contractors choose Boral roof tiles for use on new homes and unit developments in Victoria.

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