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Looking for high quality roofing; try terra cotta tile roofing solutionsAugust 11, 2014


If you are looking for high quality roofing; try terra cotta tile roofing solutions for your home’s next roof. Why choose terracotta roof tiles? Why not? They are crafted with kiln-fired natural clays from temperatures of up to 1100°C, which imbues them with exceptional strength, durability and beautiful coloring that requires very little maintenance. Unlike other types of roofing material, which lose their appeal with age, terracotta tile roofing doesn’t. That is why many home owners are looking at switching to terracotta tiles; because the long lasting aesthetic appearance they maintain, even after years of exposure to all types of temperature and weather.

If you want to maintain your home’s aesthetic appearance, then choosing a roofing material that can endure the test-of-time is vital. That is exactly what terracotta roof tiles can offer. In fact, terracotta tile roofing is so durable, especially under constant heat, which it will look just as it did the first day you installed it decades later. This is especially true if the tiles are pressure washed every year or when needed. That’s right! Most terracotta tiles come with an incredible warranty of up to 50 years!

The benefits of terracotta tiles are well known, and have been used to add character and beauty to European homes for years, especially in France (French terracotta tiles). In recent decades, many homes in Asia are utilizing them with great success. Australian homes are also benefiting from this incredible roofing material, which is actually ideally suited for the area. If you are looking for high quality roofing; try terra cotta tile roofing solutions, here’s why:

Excellent Thermal Performance – How the temperature is affected within a home, caused by the heat from your roof, is referred to as “Thermal performance,” which relates to how much energy in a home is used to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Terracotta tiles get an excellent grade for its thermal performance. When compared to other roofing material, it has superior insulation characteristics, the decorative colors actually reflect much heat from the sun and its physical design promotes natural ventilation.

Resistant to Salt and Frost – Naturally resistant to frost makes this roofing material ideal for any location or altitude. And, because it is a salt safe material, terracotta tile roofing is ideal to be used near coastal areas.

Resistant to Fire – As a non combustible material, ceramic roofing tiles are an effective safety measure to protect your home against the dangers of bushfire.

Sound Resistant – With terracotta tile roofing you can enjoy a higher level of peace and quiet, especially if you live near an airport or busy highway. Ceramic roof tiles effectively reduce the amount of noise that enters your home. Aircraft engines and busy traffic noise outside can whittle away at your peace of mind, but with a new terracotta roof, you could have more peace and quiet.

Still looking for high quality roofing; try terra cotta tile roofing solutions, you won’t regret it! In fact, it is probably the single best thing you can do for you and your home. Besides it being one of the best roofing materials today, which is resistant to fire, frost, salt, heat and reduces sound, ceramic tiles are also low maintenance and last for decades! For more information about this wonderful roofing solution, contact AjaxGregson, your roofing and re-roofing specialist Melbourne today.

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