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Important factors to consider when choosing your home roofingApril 28, 2015


Looks can be deceiving; this is not the case with roofing. It is nothing to be ashamed about looking longingly at a neighbour’s charming roof. However, it’s not a home improvement project to jump into without a bit of research, because deciding what type of roof to use must involve careful thought. The roof is one of the home’s key elements after all.

Compared to foundations and walls, it seems the roof takes more of a beating. One can imagine roofing materials having to put up with the scorching heat of the sun, pounding rain, heavy snow, and strong winds every day, all year long. The roof is also responsible for protecting the home, the occupants and all property within from potentially damaging outside elements. This is why there are factors you should consider carefully when choosing roofing material.

1. It should endure the weather.

Climate conditions must influence your choice of roof colour. Why is that? It can affect the indoor temperatures of your home. It’s true, especially in the attic. A light-coloured roof, for example, will deflect sunlight and help keep your home cool, making it great for hot climates. A dark-coloured roof will absorb heat and can even melt snow, so it is more fitting for cold climates.

2. It should suit your home design.

Ideally, the roof must go together with the colour of your exterior wall and the overall design of your home. Houses painted with red, green, or yellow go well with any dark roofing. Blue or gray-walled homes should either have a black or dark gray roof – the same can be used on a white house for a classic look. Homes that are painted brown, cream, or tan should have a brown roof or a combination of brown and cream.

The profile of your roof tile must be carefully chosen as well. You can either go for flat or have undulating roofing for your home.

3. Roofing should add value to your home.

The thing about roofs is that depending on what you choose, they can make your home look ageless, no matter how much time has passed. Or, they can make it look outdated. Neutral shades are timeless and generally a safer option for roofing. Brighter colours are trendier but may be out of style within a few years, but professionals in roofing such as Ajax Gregson Roofing can help determine what colour would work best for your roof.

Classic-style roofs may seem boring to the untrained eye, but they increase the resale value of a home in case a decision later is made to sell it. To view selections of roofing for your home, please visit the website here: ajaxgregsontiles.com.au

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