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How Terracotta Roof Tiles Increases Aesthetic and Performance Value of Your RoofSeptember 19, 2019


Choosing the right kind of roofing material can be a very tricky business, especially since there’s a bevy of different roofing materials that you can choose from in almost every home depot store. With the sheer variety of roofing tiles available today, the deciding factor that most people often resort to will be price, since roofing tiles are still by and large expensive items.

Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives to the more traditional variety of roof tiles like slate or granite, such as terracotta roof tiles. Terracotta roof tiles offer an affordable, easily available, biodegradable, and renewable way to aesthetically improve your roof.

The Advantages of Terracotta Roof Tiles

If you are contemplating on replacing your preexisting roof with a better alternative, then are various advantages to terracotta roof tiles you ought to know about:

• Affordability – unlike traditional western roofing tiles like shale or granite, terracotta is far more affordable. Made from clay, terracotta tiles are easily available and cost far less than stone shingles or roofing tiles. They are even cheaper than porcelain tiles, and makes for a far better choice than galvanised steel roofing.

• Versatility – terracotta tiles don’t just come in standard reddish-brown or dun-brown hue, they can come in an assortment of different shades and finishes, which makes them ideal choices for exterior décor. This versatility can even extend to the overall look and texture of the tile.

Boral terracotta very similar to traditional shale tiles, and there are a variety of colours available to match the pre-existing exterior of your property.

• Durability – terracotta roof tiles are surprisingly durable considering that they’re made from clay. Properly installed, they require very little in way of maintenance or cleaning, and hardy enough to handle heavy winds, rains, and exposure to extreme heat and cold, and will last over 50 years. Because of the long-lasting and durable nature, many home owners are choosing terracotta roof tiles.

• Accessibility – because of their affordable nature, Boral terracotta roof tiles are readily available and easy to replace if ever you come across a damaged tile. Replacing a terracotta tile is just as easy as it is to install, so you will never have to worry about the potential of a cracked or missing tile ruining your exterior’s aesthetics ever again.

If you are ready to increase the aesthetic and performance value of your roof, by switching from traditional roof materials to the fashionably modern and economically sound choice, then visit Ajax Gregson Tiles and switch to terracotta roof tiles today.

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