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How Strong Boral Roofing Tiles Endure Extreme Weather ConditionsMay 27, 2020


One reputable brand when it comes to roof tiles here in Australia is Boral. For almost a few decades, Boral has been supplying products and materials for residential and commercial construction. The company has also provided supplies and materials for roads and engineering markets. Their success was brought by their desire to supply every property and infrastructures with the best build quality.

Boral knows the importance of durable property materials. One of the materials that they consistently produce and distribute is roofing tiles. The company has crafted roofing tiles that can endure extreme weather conditions and other damaging elements with the help of durable materials like terracotta, and concrete. Additionally, their roofing tiles are said to have a service life that is three times longer than asphalt tiles. Believe it or not, even metal roofing sheets are no match for Boral roofing tiles when it comes to weather elements.

The following are some weather and damaging conditions that Boral roofing tiles can readily endure.

Ultraviolet Exposure

The ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun can be damaging to most roofing tiles. Signs of fading and discolouration can be seen on most roofs with asphalt and other types of shingles. Boral roofing tiles, on the other hand, can still possess the same colour and properties even under daily exposure to the sun. Roofing tiles from Boral are proven to last for half a decade or longer and can still possess the same high degree of their stock colour. 

Heavy Winds

When it comes to windy situations, some roof materials tend to be blown off easily, which can be dangerous for other properties. Moreover, a blown off roofing will cause you more expenses just for its replacement and maintenance. Fortunately, Boral roofing tiles do not have any problems and issues with heavy winds as they are heavily optimised with this type of weather condition. Your Boral roofing will also not sustain damages from blown off materials thanks to its hard-wearing surface. 

Freezing Temperatures

The formation of cracks and chips may be common for some roofs during cold weather months. However, the ability of terracotta and concrete to stand up to freezing makes your Boral roofing ideal for properties that experience extremely low temperatures. Boral roofing can effortlessly endure the freezing and thawing cycles that come in the cold weather months. Any sign or even hint of cracking along your Boral roofing tiles will be nowhere to be found. 


Roofs are designed to protect our interior from any weather elements such as rainfall. Therefore, it is safe to say that roofs will inevitably catch all the moisture from the storms. While roofs are truly exposed to rainfall, their material will subsequently dictate on how it could affect them in the long run. Boral roofing tiles, coincidentally, do not allow moisture to infiltrate their materials. Without any moisture, then expect your roofing tiles to be free from erosion or corrosion formation. 

The effects of extreme weather conditions can easily be deflected by Boral roofing tiles. If you want to invest in high-quality roofing tiles, then give us a call at Ajax Gregson Tiles. We can help you find the right roofing material for your home or property.

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