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How Can You Protect Your Teracotta and Concrete Roof Tiles Against Water Damage and Leaks?Jan 11, 2017

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Every property owner is concerned about protecting their home’s roof from water damage and leaks, and because there are many types of roofing, there are also various ways to do it, mainly, by having a roof inspected. Regardless of the roofing type, regular roof inspections is the best way to protect any roof from leaks and water damage, that’s because any damage or potential problems can be found, and then fixed before leaks and water damage can occur.

However, there are some roofing materials that are naturally resistant to leaks and water damage, such as terracotta and concrete roofing tiles. Other types of roofing, such as metal sheeting and wood shingles, need roof sealing and painting for extra protection against leaks and water damage, while terracotta and concrete roofing do not need to be resealed as some people may claim.

Do Concrete Tiles Need to be Re-sealed?

This is a common question homeowners ask, as salesmen of roofing sealants and paints claim that old concrete tiles become worn and porous with age, and that water will seep through these and into the home, which is not true. In fact, terracotta and concrete roofing tiles will effectively keep rainwater out of your home, regardless of whether these have been sealed or not, as long as they are not damaged.

Not only because of the way these tiles are laid, and the slope of the roof, but also because terracotta and cement roofing tiles are naturally water proof.

Why Seal Terracotta and Concrete Tiles?

Even though it is not necessary to reseal terracotta and concrete roofing tiles, especially modern ones because these are treated and sealed by the manufacturers, there are advantages to sealing them with specialised roofing paints. The main reason is that by sealing concrete tiles that may have hairline cracks, it can effectively prevent water from entering a home. Also, sealant type paints, such as Regent paints, come in many colours and are a great way to add aesthetics to a home.

Basically, the best way you can protect your terracotta and concrete roof tiles against water damage and leaks is by having your roof inspected, to make sure that there is no damage or unseen problems that could develop a leak. Also, while not needed, using sealant roofing paints can also make sure that any hairline cracks are sealed, and, it is also a great way to add colour to the outside of your home.

If you want to invest in high quality roofing tiles that will last you for decades to come, and that look great, then visit us here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we can help you find the right roofing material that best suits your home. 

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