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French Terracota Roof Tiles from Boral: An Ideal Fit for Both Rural and City HomesAugust 8, 2019


Australia has a rich diversity of residential architectural design styles that have evolved over time. Many architectural residential designs have been influenced and borrowed from Europe and other countries, such as the Victorian style and the Georgian style from England and North America. While common architectural features of houses may vary between rural and city homes, the preferred choice of roofing material is often the same.

Weather does impact the designs of both rural and city homes, and the quality of roofing material should be able to handle any climate conditions, such as extreme cold and hot temperatures, as well as gale winds and rains. While quality roof tiles should be able to protect houses from all types of weather and climate, the ideal roofing material should also be aesthetically appealing as well.

The Ideal Roofing for Both Rural and City Homes: French Terracota Roof Tiles from Boral

As there are a number of roofing materials utilised in Australia, most residential property owners prefer Boral roof tiles. Why are Boral roof tiles ideal for both rural and city homes? One of the main reasons why Boral roof tiles are extensively used is because of the many types of colours and styles available that can match any rural or city home’s designs, such as Boral French terracotta roof tiles.

French terracotta roof tiles are an ideal fit for both rural and city homes, not only because of the stylish features, but because of the qualities that Boral roof tiles are well-known for, these include the following:

Versatile roof tiles – French terracotta roof tiles from Boral are extremely versatile/ It is not only a classical stylish roof tile design, but there are a range of glazed colours available that can match any rural or city home’s exterior.

Colour roof tiles will not fade – unlike painted roofing materials, French terracotta roof tiles from Boral will not fade because of constant UV exposure.

Minimal maintenance – Boral terracotta roof tiles require minimum maintenance because they are hardy and strong, and home owners can expect to save money over the life of their home as result of fewer repairs.

Naturally fire resistant – French terracotta tiles are naturally fire resistant, which means that it is the perfect roofing material to use on homes in dry areas that are prone to fires.

These are just a few of the benefits rural and city home owners can expect from French terracotta roof tiles from Boral.

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