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FAQ: Can Solar Panels be Installed on Boral Roofing Tiles?July 31, 2020


Roofing has always been the primary protection of home properties against any weather elements like harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall. It is also responsible for providing proper insulation of the property, giving tenants moderate indoor temperatures and more energy savings.

One type of roofing that is frequently used by property owners is tiles. Roofing tiles are durable, weather-resistant, and can be maintained easily. They also have a longer lifespan compared to other materials. Their perfect insulation and creative aesthetics make them recommended for properties that prioritise appearance without compromising quality.

Qualities of Boral Roofing Tiles

Boral, a known brand for roofing materials, has two sets of roofing tiles that a property owner can choose from. These two sets are terracotta and concrete. The terracotta line-up can be either French or Swiss. French terracotta roofing can perfectly match a classically beautiful architecture, giving off great texture and warmth that is significant for modern living. Swiss terracotta roofing, on the other hand, is based on a bold European design that is also great for modern and Mediterranean style homes.

The concrete category is further grouped into Contour, Linea, Macquarie, Slimline, Striata, and Vogue. Aside from its immediate appeal, Contour roofing tiles are great for coastal areas since they are salt-safe and can readily resist corrosion. Alternatively, Linea roof tiles are great for areas that experience extreme heat, wind, and rain. Australia’s modern homes can absolutely blend well with Macquarie roofing tiles because of their low, double curve profile. Slimline’s roof tiles are great for homes that want a unique design and angular lines.

Appearance is also the game for Striata roofing tiles since they offer a crisp, clean look that can perfectly match country-style homes, colonial cottages, federation style homes, and contemporary properties. An alternative for contemporary properties is Vogue roofing tiles as they feature a contemporary flat profile that combines great looking clean lines with distinct individual tiles quality.

Solar Panels and Roofing Tiles

Property owners who want to save a huge amount of energy typically turn to energy sources that are renewable and eco-friendly. Since most homes in Australia receive an adequate amount of sunlight, then adding solar panels can truly meet the needs of most property owners. And if there is one thing that makes Boral roofing tiles stand out compared to the rest of the competition, it is the fact that they can easily work well and handle the weight of solar panels.

Apart from their great appeal, all types of Boral roofing tiles that are previously mentioned are known for their durability. They are made to withstand different extreme weather conditions and resist various damaging elements. Another great thing about them is that they are coupled with a minimum of a 20-year warranty, which is already enough for most property owners.

The individual installation of Boral roofing tiles instead of in sheets or overlapping singles allows them to leave space for ventilation and thermal barrier, which consequently cuts energy costs. The addition of solar panels further decreases energy consumption and increases property value. Installers would only have to drill into the roof layer in attaching the mounting brackets to the roof studs. All the areas surrounding the mounting bracket are then sealed to prevent leaks. The roofing tiles themselves do not need to be drilled since they would just crack and get damaged.

Solar panels can be installed on Boral roofing tiles. They just have to be installed by professionals who can easily drill into the roof layer and avoid the cracking of roofing tiles. For more information about Boral roofing tiles and their workability with solar panels, feel free to contact us at Ajax Gregson Tiles.

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