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Factors to Consider When Choosing between Flat Roof and Corrugated Roof Tile DesignAug 8, 2017


When you go to select a roof design for your house with either terracotta or concrete tiles, one decision that you must make is whether you should choose flat or corrugated tiles to suit your needs. Each profile offers its own unique characteristics and ambiance to your home, but one may complement your house’s style a bit better than the other one. The flat ones have little, if any pattern, to them while the corrugated ones might have subtle or dramatic hills and valleys.

Information about Flat Roof Tile Designs

Flat roof tiles are void of rolls or barrels. Tiles such as these create roofs with smooth, crisp lines that complement a wide variety of house styles that range from modern to traditional ones. Another benefit of this type of tile is that it comes in concrete or terracotta materials. You also can select from various colours and from the following profiles:

  • Contour has undulating, soft curves that provide only a slight texture to the roof
  • Linea is an affordable alternative to a traditional slate shingle, and provides the same ambiance
  • Striata contains a rough, low-profile texture for a simple, clean design scheme
  • Vogue versions of the flat tiles are void of all texture to offer a slate-like look that is so popular with contemporary architecture today
  • Shingle tiles are another offering that is void texture, and they complement traditional to contemporary styles

Facts About Corrugated Roof Tile Designs

Corrugated roofing tiles have well-defined rolls or ridges and are available in various colours. While the flat tiles are ideal for obtaining a wide range of styles from traditional to modern, if you wish to capture the authentic feel of the Swiss, Mediterranean, French or other special architectural style with your roof, you can only do so with one of the following corrugated roof tiles:

  • Macquarie is a double, low-curve profile similar to the inner ridges of corrugated cardboard, it complements a wide range of Australian homes today
  • Slimline fits in its own category since its innovative, modern design that has sharper edges on the ridges than the Macquarie tiles do
  • French tiles earn their name by offering a French architectural ambiance to your home with their double-valley shape and unique texture
  • Swiss tiles interlock at the side and head lap to form a straight bond design that is renascent of the Swiss and Mediterranean styles of homes

For further factors to consider when choosing between flat roof and corrugated roof tile design in concrete or terracotta material, consult with Ajax Gregson Tiles Roofing. We specialise in installing Boral concrete and terracotta roof tiles along with providing other types of roofing services.

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