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Exceptional Features of Tile RoofingAugust 24, 2017


Choosing tiles for your roof is a delicate process, it requires careful planning, and considering that whatever you choose determines how long it will last. Most homeowners do not have enough knowledge about roofing materials to make the best choice. This can create problems, if the type of roof tiles chosen do not live up to today’s standards.

Here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we only want the best for our customers, which is why we’ve made a list of qualities and features to look out for when choosing tile roofing for your home.

The Best Features for Tile Roofing

Durability - Not all roof tiles are made equal. Some are bound to be less durable than others. Under extreme conditions, roof tiles can show signs of splitting, warping, and even cracking if they are of poor quality. In harsh climates, you need roof tiles that can withstand the elements. For example, the Thermoregulation Temperatures in Australia can be unforgiving during summer and winter, and, for this reason, thermoregulation is considered an exceptional feature of tile roofing.

These roof types have the ability to maintain stable temperatures indoors, no matter the time of year, and with their help, it will never get too hot or too cold in your home. Thermoregulation is achieved with a unique design that allows ample air flow between the roof deck and tiles – a quality you would often find in terra cotta.

Sustainability - Durable roof tiles such as concrete are sustainable because they last a long time. Recyclable roof tiles like terra cotta are even better, because they significantly reduce overall waste. Thermoregulation is also a sustainable feature of roof tiles, especially in larger homes, by keeping indoor temperatures under control, you can depend less on heaters and air conditioners, and that reduces energy consumption.

Cost Efficiency - Roof tiles which possess all the above qualities are guaranteed to be cost-efficient. Durability ensures they last long and cuts your reroofing expenses, and, sustainability saves you money by decreasing your energy consumption.

Once property owners know what exceptional features to look for in tile roofing, they can then make the best choice for their homes; one that will best suit your needs and budget.

Here at Ajax Gregson Tiles, we are well-known in Melbourne as one of the leading tile roofing and re-roofing specialists. With over 15 years in the roofing industry, with an enviable reputation, Ajax Gregson Tiles is a name you can trust with all your roofing needs.

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