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Enhance Your Brand New Roof with Boral Terracotta and Concrete Roofing TilesMay 7, 2018


Are you planning for a new roof? If you are, and you want to make sure it will be the best roof possible, then consider Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles. Boral designer ceramic tiles and concrete tiles will definitely enhance your new roof aesthetically, and in other ways too.

With Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles, you will be able to aesthetically enhance your home like no other roofing material because the wide variety of Boral colour tiles available, colours that can match any home’s exterior design perfectly. It’s true, attractive roofing is proven to increase the property value of residential homes, making them much easier to sell down.

While one of the best ways to enhance your home is to choose the best roofing material – Boral designer ceramic and concrete roofing tiles – with just the right colours to match your home’s exterior design theme, there are other ways that Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles can enhance your home too.

Ways Boral Terracotta and Concrete Roofing Tiles Will Enhance Your Brand New Roof

While the look and appeal of a roof does matter, it is the structural integrity of a new roof that is the most important. When you choose to use Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles, they will enhance your roof in these ways:

Increased durability – the aesthetic look and appeal is beneficial, but enhancing the durability of your roof is more important. Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles have superior durability qualities and will not crack, splinter, or warp over time when exposed to harsh temperatures like other types of roofing materials will.

Effective thermoregulation – in Australia, temperature fluctuation between summer and winter can be unforgiving, and all but ceramic and concrete roof tiles are unable to effectively maintain a home’s temperature throughout the year. Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles are uniquely designed to allow ample amounts of airflow between the tiles and roof deck to achieve effective thermoregulation. This helps to maintain your home’s temperature during summer and winter.

Cost effective – with Boral brand roofing tiles, you are guaranteed that your new roof will last as long as your home, and compared to other types of roofing, it will need less maintenance and repairs. And because of Boral tiles’ effective thermoregulation quality, it results in cost effectiveness, as you will also save money by decreasing your home’s energy consumption throughout the years.

If you want to enhance your brand new roof, then choose Boral terracotta and concrete roofing tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles – the leading roof specialists in Melbourne.

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