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Roofing system: Difference between lapped ridge and A-line ridgeJuly 23, 2014


Visually the differences between lapped ridge and A Line ridge roofing is that the lapped is just as it sounds, falling lapped one over the other in a side stair type fashion where A Line’s seems meet smoothly allowing it to fit together to make one long fluid line.

Both options are very beautiful. The A-line ridge is a very clean geometric looking style design, while the A-line looks Victorian or mid-evil depending on how it is implemented. It is definitely the fancier of the two, but the classic A line ridge seems to be the most popular.

You can get traditional, slightly ripples or a very profound layered look or you can go with a seemingly seamless ridge with A-line ridges. While the two ridges preform the same way, they are surface quite different.

Lapped ridge vs A Line Ridge

Are the only differences in A-line and lapped ridge visual? Both will eliminate moisture, and both are multipurpose. They are highly efficient and affordable. There are a few slight differences with the install of each ridge. Both come together to make your roof beautiful, and both are affordable options that last a long time. In most cases they can even reduce heat buildup in your attic hence aiding to more energy efficiency and comfort.

You can bet both A-line and lapped ridge roofing in a lot of different colors. They can be matched perfectly to the other materials you have invested in and your home as a whole. These are definitely not the old roofing materials of our mothers and fathers time, but these products have intergraded scientific technology, geometry and good style sense with affordability to make more flexible and longer lasting roof.

Why would you go with an outdated roof and roofing installation when you can get sturdier and far more beautiful materials at lower prices; most of which all come with a guarantee?

A-line and lapped ridges are about more than just adding beauty, but they complete the roof. Without them it would not have that finished look. Some people have used both styles on their larger homes with a lot of geometric differences to enhance the different angles of their house. While there is a lot that can be done with these two roofing ridges they do not seem to have but minimal differences with visual being the most profound.

Ajax offers excellent roofing options with a lot of color and style flexibility. With more than 30 years of work in the area the reputation of this professional company precedes it. Ajax Gregson is a family owned company that you can trust.

There are several A-line and lapping ridge options available, and the color options are generous as well. You are guaranteed services by highly trained and experienced professionals who will answer all of your questions.

If you still are unsure which one would work best for you then you can easily contact a friendly customer service professional at Ajax Gregson in Bayswater, Au at (03) 9729 8895.

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