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Checklist for New Home Extensions (Why Tile Roofing Must Be Included)April 10, 2018


For those who would like to add an extra room to their home, to accommodate more space for family gatherings, bedrooms, a garage, a workout area, or a room dedicated to hobbies, there are a few things to consider and plan for before construction can begin.

A new home extension can definitely improve the livability of a home, especially when it is carefully planned out and designed by a professional builder. Planning a new home extension is an ideal time to also plan for needed renovation work, which can include home repairs and reroofing.

Include Tile Roofing as Part of Your New Home Extension

There are many things to consider adding to your new home extension checklist, to make sure that the project goes smoothly as planned, the most important one being to locate a registered builder with a good reputation. Registered builders will help you with all the necessary permits, and will guide you through the process of adding a new home extension.

This includes things such as floor planning, where windows and doors will be best placed, as well as the type of materials to use. During the initial planning stages there are always some things that get overlooked, not uncommon, one of them is the type of roofing materials to use.

It is common, however, that when a new home extension is added, reroofing the whole house is often done. It is a smart choice, for various reasons, such as replacing older metal roof sheeting, or upgrading from a shingle roof to tile roofing. When it comes to the best type of roofing, Boral tile roofing can’t be beat and should be included on anyone’s new home extension checklist.

Benefits of Boral Tile Roofing for New Home Extensions

Boral roof tiles are the ideal choice for new home extension because they are cost-effective by nature – made from concrete or clay – and they are low-maintenance compared to all other roofing materials. Boral roof tiles are perfect for all types of weather and climates, and is a good choice for homes near the shore or higher elevations.

If you are seeking aesthetic versatility, then look no farther than Boral brand roofing tiles. There are a wide variety of textures, designs and colours to choose from that will match any home’s aesthetic needs.

So, if you want to make sure that your new home extension has everything it needs, then don’t skimp on quality, choose Boral roofing tiles over conventional roofing materials.

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