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Boral Roof Tiles for Superior Acoustic and Aesthetic Roofing SolutionsNovember 8, 2019


The selection of roofing material is one of the most crucial factors in limiting the amount of noise that travels through the roof. Experts say that tiled roofs offer better acoustic and aesthetic performance than any other type of roofs due to its density and thickness. Luckily, Boral roof tiles fall under that category.

Various Colours and Styles

Due to its variety of types including concrete, stylish terracotta and ceramic, Boral roof tiles can be aesthetically pleasing depending on the overall theme and appeal of the building it covers. That means you could choose the type of Boral roof tiles that you can use based on your building or home whether it be classical, modern or contemporary.

Recommended for High Noise Areas

It is said that Boral roof tiles are very much appropriate to areas with high noise level. As such, Boral roof tiles are recommended to be incorporated in places under flight paths or near busy roads or railways. The types of Boral roof tiles with this specific function are ceramic, terracotta and concrete. These types are able to significantly minimise external noise by about 25-30 decibels. This is a huge difference from the average roof tiles which can only perform the said function by around 12 decibels. If you are really willing to go the extra mile, you can perhaps avail of extra cladding for your Boral roof tiles. Other than that, you can aid the tiles with foil sarking. Also, you can install an air space above the ceiling. Lastly, you can opt for additional installation and proper selection of ceiling materials in order to ensure that the external noise is minimised from slim to none. 

Above are the ways for which Boral roof tiles can enable a superior acoustic and aesthetic roofing solutions. In addition to that, you can make use of wide eaves or tiled window awnings that are able to help shade acoustic openings. You can also extend the main tiled roof to cover patios and verandas that can also help minimise noise levels.

If you are in search for a roof professional that can issue Boral roof tiles for superior acoustic and aesthetic roofing solutions, then Ajax Gregson Tiles Roofing will be the ultimate solution. For over 15 years, we supply Boral roofing tiles for both residential and commercial. Aside from that, we perform reroofing tasks with our terra cotta and concrete tiled roofs. We also install new roofs for single dwellings and multi residential developments. Our renovations and extensions are top notch since we have colour and profile matching services. We also do roof repairs, specifically rebedding, pointing and painting. We also supply roof paint and flexible pointing for your needs and preferences.

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