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Boral French or Swiss Terracotta Roof Tiles: Choose What's Best for Your Roof DesignAugust 22, 2019


Typically, a roof makes up to 40% or more of the overall design of a house, which is why selecting the right roof tile is so important. After considering the common types of roofing materials available in Australia, such as asphalt shingles, metal roof sheeting, concrete roof tiles, and terracotta roof tiles, there are two important things that will determine which is the best for your roof design.

The two important things to consider are the product brand and type of roof material. Many homeowners in Australia prefer the Boral brand roof tiles, not only because of the selection of stylish concrete and terracotta roof tiles and colours available, but Boral roof tiles are extremely hardy, Eco-friendly, low maintenance, fire proof, can endure all types of weather, effective at reducing unwanted outside noise, good insulators, and will add value to a home.

While Boral concrete and terracotta roof tiles offer homeowners basically the same protection and benefits, Boral terracotta tiles are lighter and the styles available offer more options for roof designs that require steep roof slopes or weight restrictions. With this in mind, if you want to choose what’s best for your roof design then either Boral French or Swiss roof tiles would be on the top of your list.

Choose What's Best for Your Roof Design: Boral French or Swiss Terracotta Roof Tiles?

Boral terracotta tiles are widely used throughout Australia for good reasons, mainly because Boral roofing products are extremely hardy, long-lasting, and highly resistant to weather; they reduce outside noise, naturally fire resistant, and helps to regulate indoor temperature effectively. But Boral roof tiles are also stylish too, with a selection of colour choices available to match any home’s design.

Two of the most popular roofing products are Boral French and Swiss terracotta roof tiles, and if you want to choose what’s best for your roof design, then there are some things to consider.

Because Boral French and Swiss terracotta roof tiles have all the same benefit as mentioned above, but because they are lighter in weight than Boral concrete tiles, they are the ideal choice for roof designs that require pitched roofing or for roofs that have weight limitations. If a home’s roof design requires a specific aesthetic, then that would be the deciding factor in choosing between these two roofing tiles.

Ultimately, when homeowners can’t choose between two types of Boral roof tiles, it is advised to consult with roofing professionals here at Ajax Gregson Tiles. We can help homeowners determine whether Boral French or Swiss terracotta roof tiles will be best for their home’s designs.

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