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Boral Designer Ceramic Roof Tiles: Aesthetics and Strength CombinedApril 29, 2020


It is common to examine the aesthetics and strength as well as the performance characteristics before purchasing and installing certain products into your home. This is to ensure that you are getting the product that is suited to your needs and preferences, while getting your money’s worth. Same applies to roof tiles. You need to know the performance characteristics before purchasing one. Luckily, below are Boral designer ceramic roof tiles are aesthetics and strength combined.

Thermal Performance

It is important to consider thermal performance in examining Boral roof tiles. Thermal mass is defined as the ability of a material to retain heat. This is an important aspect in most Australian climates where there is a need to average out temperatures. High thermal mass materials such as clay and concrete, when used correctly, can result in advantageous heat transmission. Another consideration to performance is the proportion of solar energy the roof absorbs and reflects, due to the colour of the roof. However, it is important to note that colours have limited impact on thermal performance when elements such as sarking, insulation and ventilation are incorporated.

Acoustic Performance

Typically, external noise penetrates a building through windows, doors, walls and to a lesser extent the roof. Generally, the roof would be the least important path of noise transmission. However, in locations where there are busy roads, railways or aircraft noise, the roof becomes an element to be considered. The density of Boral roof tiles helps reduce typical external sounds, and has a sound reduction potential twice that of sheet metal roofing.

Water Collection

All Boral roof tiles are suitable for the safe collection of rain water. In Boral concrete tiles, only non-toxic surface finishes that comply with the requirements outlined in the Australian Standard 2049 Roof Tiles are used. For terracotta tiles, no lead, cadmium or other heavy metals are used in the ceramic glazes.

Fire Resistance

Boral Roof tiles when used in conjunction with sarking (wherein sarking has to be rated low and must cover the entire roof) can form an acceptable method of roof covering where the construction is in accordance with AS 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.


When Boral tiles are tested in accordance with AS 4046.5, the permeability of each of the three test specimens proved to be satisfactory. At the end of two hours, no drop of water has formed on the underside of any of the test specimens.

Water Absorption

When Boral roof tiles or accessories are tested in accordance with AS 4046.4, the percentage of water absorption of any of the test pieces are not more than 10 percent.

Acquire your Boral roof tiles from Ajax Gregson Tiles Roofing. Our pre-installation inspection is always carried out to ensure you’re roofing project is done right from the start. We also provide a colour studio so that you can complete your external colour selections.

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