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Advantages of Re-roofing and Switching to Boral Roofing TilesNovember 7, 2018


As years pass, roofs will start to show signs of aging and can begin to leak and crack, and roof shingles, tiles, or metal sheets can even become loose and fall off. Ultimately, as your roof becomes weathered or damaged, it can spell trouble if something isn’t done about its condition. What is the solution? Reroofing and switching to Boral roofing tiles.

Depending on the type of roof you have will determine how long it will last. Most roofing materials should last at least 20 years or longer, if they are maintained regularly. However, there are factors that affect the longevity of roofing. For example, depending on the geographical location and the type of weather roofs are exposed to, on a daily basis, roofs may require more maintenance, repairing, or replacing before their expected expiration time.

There are times when reroofing a home may be better than repairing individual tiles, shingles, or metal sheets to restore the integrity of the roof. Sadly, many times property owners are caught off guard, discovering that their roofing is too old or damage to justify repairing it as a solution. Instead, they are unexpectedly faced with the need to reroof their home on short notice!

For this reason alone – unexpectedly needing to replace a roof – a roof inspection should be scheduled every few years to ascertain the health of your roof. Because the type of roofing material is so important, property owners should seriously consider the kind of roofing material before reroofing their homes.

Why it is Advantageous Re-roofing with Boral Roofing Tiles?

There are many advantages of switching to Boral roofing tiles when reroofing your home. While there are cheaper roofing solutions available, however, no other roofing material offers as many advantages as Boral roofing tiles, here are just a few examples:

Roof tiles will not fade – Boral roof tiles are fade resistant and the colour will not fade because of UV exposure, as will other types of roofing.

Last longer than other roofing materials – you can expect your roof to last 50 years or longer when you reroof with Boral roof tiles, not like asphalt shingles or metal roofing that will need to be replaced between 15 to 20 years.

Fire resistant – one of the biggest advantages of switching to Boral roofing tiles is because it is a fire resistant roofing material that will best protect your family and home against brush fires.

Requires little maintenance – Boral concrete roof tiles are durable and strong, and require little or no maintenance, which also means that when compared to other types of roofing materials, you will save money over the life of your roof because of fewer repairs.

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